footy musings from a (relative) newbie

The round of 16, that is.

When we last left the UEFA Champions League, groups were just starting to take shape. Now that we’re more than halfway through the Group Stage, teams are starting to qualify for the round of 16. Specifically, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City have all qualified. Lots of other teams – Real Madrid, Arsenal – are thisclose to qualifying.

My takeaways from matchday 4:

  • Zenit St. Petersburg still looking like they can qualify from Group G, but more to the point – Atletico Madrid is running away with that group.
  • Juventus kept their qualification hope alive by coming back to draw 2-2 with Real Madrid. But they’re still at the bottom of Group B.
  • The “Whoa!” result of the round: perennial whipping boys FC Copenhagen beat Galatasaray 1-0.
  • Even more “Whoa!” Arsenal went to Borussia Dortmund’s ground and defeated the home side 1-0. Will be interesting to see which of the fancied teams – Napoli, Dortmund, Arsenal – won’t survive the Group of Death.
  • Poor Real Sociedad have earned one point from four games. *smh*
  • Meanwhile, Chelsea…yeah, sorry. I ran out of fucks to give.

Things are shaping up such that the last 2 matchdays will actually matter.

Tomorrow, the Europa League continues. I will try hard not to treat it like the red-headed stepchild.


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