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So much for my prediction skills.

Real Madrid are the Champions of Europe, clinching their 10th European Cup by beating city rivals Atletico Madrid. For a while there, it did look like Atletico were on their way to springing the upset. And that wouldn’t have been a complete surprise. Not only have Atletico defied all sorts of expectations this season – winning La Liga and getting to the Champions League final on a budget that can only be described as lean – they’ve pretty much bossed Real Madrid and Barcelona all season long.*

So Atletico winning wouldn’t have been a total shock. But I guess the prospect of losing was enough to prompt Sergio Ramos’ stoppage time equalizer and Real’s subsequent comeback victory. However it came, Real now have La Decima – the trophy they’ve coveted more than any other since 2002.**

And with that, the European season is officially over (until qualifiers for Europa League and Champions League begin in July, that is). Congrats to all the league and European completion winners.

Next stop: the World Cup!

*Copa Del Rey notwithstanding

**No doubt, they will move on to their next obsession shortly.


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